Three Unexpected Reasons Your Retirement Plan Could Fail

Did you know that the fear of running out of money is number nine on the list of America’s top fears? (1) And fear of failure is number one on the list of fears that hold you back from success. (2)  How do these two facts relate? Financial failure is a very real possibility in life, but no matter what it is you are putting your hand to, there are things you can do that will reduce the risk and help you achieve your goals.

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Has Your Financial Advisor Misled You?

Do you know what drives your investment returns? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is probably market performance. It’s not surprising that this is the popular thought since many advisors consistently mislead their clients by telling them that the performance of their investments is the key factor in a successful retirement strategy.  

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Does Someone You Know Need a Financial Second Opinion?


Whether you’re an investment novice or a daily Market Watch reader, we all know the markets have been especially volatile and confusing these last few years. As a result, even the most patient of investors may start to question the strength of their investment plan.

Beyond economic changes, personal life changes can also alter their financial priorities. They may wish to explore different financial strategies to double check that their current plan still makes the most sense for them.

Does this sound like the situation of someone you know? If so, a financial second opinion could make the world of difference.

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Do You Have Questions About Your Social Security Benefits?

I hope you enjoyed our interactive quiz to see how much you know about Social Security! If you missed it, you can take the quiz here

Many people have questions about their individual Social Security benefits including:

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How Much Do You Know About Social Security? (Quiz)

Social Security can be complicated to navigate at times, but since it’s so vital to your retirement income plan, it’s important to make wise decisions and create strategies to optimize your benefits.

If you’re planning for your retirement income and evaluating your Social Security filing options, take a moment to test your knowledge first. Take our interactive quiz now to see how much you know!

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