Investment Management

Your financial goals hinge on smart, effective investing. At Sportfishing Financial Group, we provide a proven, powerful investing approach based on the research of renowned economists. Our low-cost, low-tax, disciplined approach is the key to helping you achieve your long-term objectives.

Dimensional Investing

We are proud to partner with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), a highly respected investment manager whose strategies are available to investors exclusively through a select group of financial advisors.

DFA's investment philosophy fits hand in glove with our core beliefs. Those beliefs stem directly from the respected body of science and research known as Modern Portfolio Theory. Though the math behind MPT may be complex, the principles are as clear as day:

  • Markets Work. There is no better gauge of stocks' and bonds' current, intrinsic value than the measuring machine known as the market. While the investment world is full of "experts" who claim the ability to beat the market, few actually do so. And those who do usually fail to sustain their advantage.
  • Diversification Works. Investment diversification is rightly called the only truly free lunch. As numerous academic studies have proven, carefully distributing your risk over selected investment types enhances your ability to capture market returns while minimizing the serious losses that can cripple your performance.
  • Asset-Class Exposure Works. Diversification is most effective when it strikes the correct balance between specific types of asset classes. DFA has a strong track record of harnessing "pure" asset-class exposure to fine-tune the balance between performance and downside protection.

Customized Portfolios

Sportfishing Financial Group creates portfolios of DFA funds based on your unique goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. The result: Low-cost, globally diversified portfolios tailored to your goals. And because DFA's "passively" managed portfolios have low investment "turnover," they are both low-cost and tax-efficient. It's a combination that we believe can help to provide our clients with added confidence and peace of mind.

About DFA

  • Founded in 1981 by David Booth and Rex Sinquefield, who served as research assistants to Eugene Fama at the University of Chicago. Nobel laureate Fama is hailed as the creator of the landmark Efficient Market Hypothesis.
  • Counts numerous renowned academic researchers as affiliates, including:
    • Eugene Fama, Nobel laureate
    • Kenneth French, Heidt Professor of Finance at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business
    • Myron Scholes, Nobel laureate
    • Roger Ibbotson, Professor in Practice of Finance, Yale School of Management
  • Investing approach based on Evidence-DFA invests according to evidence-based research grounded in years of academic study. Its process-driven approach has produced an outstanding record of capturing the pure returns of specific asset classes.
  • Offers its funds through a limited number of handpicked financial advisors; they are not available to the public.

How you choose to invest can determine whether you just dream of goals or actually achieve them. At Sportfishing Financial Group, we believe our investment approach can help empower you to live the life you envision.

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