Our Clients

Sportfishing Financial's clients have three things in common: They are successful, they love to fish, and the fish get bigger every time they tell the story!

While we have a ton of fun on the water with our clients, we couldn't be more serious when it comes to helping them meet their financial goals. Our clients include:

Individuals and families

Those in their earnings years must lay the foundation for their financial future and for their legacy. We help individual and family clients accomplish their goals through:

  • College planning. We help our clients choose the most tax-effective way to save for tuition and education expenses.
  • Retirement planning. You retire later in life, but you create your retirement now. We help you clarify your goals, invest your savings and make smart financial decisions.
  • Investment management. We manage our clients' wealth responsibly, with a view toward achieving their long-term goals. Our approach seeks to capture market returns while protecting principal.


As a business owner, you need un-conflicted, expert guidance to help you achieve your business and financial goals. Those goals include growing and protecting your wealth, as well as retaining and supporting employees. Our business clients turn to us for services including:

  • 401(k) solutions. We help our business-owner clients choose the best retirement plan to attract and retain valuable employees, reduce their company's tax burden and allow themselves to invest for their own retirement.
  • Pensions. Defined-benefit plans are a compelling choice for certain small businesses. They allow company owners to contribute significant pre-tax income into a tax-deferred account, and in many cases they provide protections from creditors.
  • Tax advice. Through our trusted partners, we provide guidance to ensure that small businesses are taking full advantage of deductions and benefit plans to minimize their corporate taxes.


"Professionals" is a simple term that encompasses a wide range of unique situations. These clients may work for large organizations that offer an array of retirement-plan solutions and other benefits. Or they may be self-employed entrepreneurs who need to be their own "pension plans." We help successful professionals to:

  • Identify goals. With financial success comes greater choice about your long-term goals. By delineating clear financial objectives, professionals are more likely to achieve them. We help professionals to:
  • Invest. After saving, investing wisely is the biggest single thing you can do to transform your financial goals into reality. Our time-tested approach is based on the work of Nobel Prize-winning economists.
  • Minimize Taxes. Investment fees and taxes can be huge drags on investment performance and your ability to reach your goals. Our low-cost, low-tax approach makes a big difference by helping you keep more of what you earn.
  • Estate. Think of your estate plan as a legally enforceable script for how you want your long-term plans to play out. It is critical for creating a legacy and ensuring that your wishes will come to fruition.


Those approaching retirement require expert guidance as they face the decisions that are critical to their financial security. Once retired, they need an engaged partner to look out for their interests, help safeguard their income, and provide the guidance needed to achieve their goals. Our retirement services include:

  • Pre-retirement planning. Ensuring that you have the means to live the retirement lifestyle of your choice.
  • Retirement-income planning. Helping to translate your nest-egg assets into investments that can generate a safe stream of income that lasts throughout your life.
  • Estate planning with our trusted partners. Creating an estate plan is critical to ensure your wishes are carried out. And keeping it updated—with current beneficiary designations, powers of attorney, will and living will—is critical.

Our clients value our fee-based business model, which minimizes conflicts of interest. They are on board with our responsible, evidence-based investment approach.

And they know that our level of service is unsurpassed. If you're serious about financial success and enjoy fishing, you're the person we want to do business with.



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