Are You One of the 62% of Americans Making This Financial Mistake?


If you’re worried about your finances and future retirement, you aren’t alone. Americans’ fears regarding their lifestyle, medical bills, and retirement continue to increase each year. More than 50% of Americans worry about not being able to maintain the standard of living they enjoy, and 64% are worried about not having enough money for retirement.

Why the steady increase in anxiety and stress? As we get older, life gets more complicated. We juggle all our responsibilities and try to maximize our time so we can focus on the things we’re passionate about. But in the midst of that balancing act, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the necessary but overwhelming tasks, such as financial planning.

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How To Gather Up Your Old 401(k) Plans

There’s no doubt that 401(k) accounts are an incredible asset to help you reach your retirement savings goals. These employer-sponsored savings plans offer a tax-advantaged way for you to save, often with matching contributions from the employer and multiple investment options. But 401(k)s can become problematic when you change employers, which many Americans do, sometimes, more than eleven times throughout their career!

If the majority of your previous employers offered a 401(k), how do you keep track of your accounts when you move on to a new job? It’s a challenge to stay on top of all these accounts and simultaneously stay committed to a coherent investment strategy for your financial future. It’s not an easy task to track growth, manage fees, and stay diversified if your money is in multiple accounts. More than one-third of Americans have three or more retirement accounts. Is this you? Do you need to consolidate your 401(k)s into one account?

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Make an Appointment Now to Update Your Investments for 2017

A new year is a time for fresh starts, new goals, and renewed motivation. New Year’s resolutions usually lead people to purchase gym memberships, pledge to spend more time on their hobbies, or make an effort to reach out to family and friends, but have you thought about making your finances a priority in 2017?

As 2017 is underway, this is an ideal time to reflect on your financial situation and get on track with your investments for 2017.

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Why You Need a Financial Advisor for 2017

How often do you worry about money and your future retirement? How much stress do your finances add to your life?

Think about it this way: if you wanted to go on a big fishing trip, something you had dreamed about for years, would you just throw a few things in a bag and head out? Of course not! You would research locations, seasons, and strategies, as well as invite friends and prepare details for the big event.

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